Top 5 Myths You’ve Been Told About SEO

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Between the popularity of the Internet and our greatest desires to reach the first page on search engine results, we have heard, and even believed, myths about SEO; sometimes to justify our actions and other times to avoid leaving our comfort zone. Team Boston SEO Consulting knows these issues well.

Anyone who says that SEO is a bad thing perhaps relies on that theory to do nothing else for their web page. On the other hand, the one who launches links like crazy for sure wants to believe that this is the best, because he expects his site to rise.

Be that as it may, I found these myths about SEO that are repeated throughout the Internet. Some will not be completely false, but they are definitely not absolute truths.

Myths of SEO Optimization for Web Search Engine Optimization

  1. I Have Already Optimized My Website

Many people believe that SEO is a thing you do once, something that is configured at one point and then works for a lifetime. That is not true at all. In fact, the better your website is positioned, the more SEO is done to maintain the position, no matter how many people may say otherwise.

Think of SEO as an evolutionary process that has to do with quality. You do not get the best result in the first attempt. Rather it is done, built upon and perfected.

If someone comes to offer you SEO services that are implemented only once and then forgotten, then you are being scammed. Yes, it is true that not every day will you have to improve the upload speed or the user experience. But if you are going to keep seeing improvement, you must keep putting in a little more work regularly.

  1. I Do Not Do SEO Because It’s Bad

I’ve always liked to define what SEO is to explain why it’s not bad. SEO is search engine optimization. How could that be bad? The myth is born of bad practices to influence positioning.

Not all pages put into practice those SEO actions (known as Black Hat SE ), although we must accept that some are effective. SEO is as bad as the tools and techniques you use. If you are honest, then you have nothing to fear.

  1. Google Is Able To Know What My Page Is About Without SEO

While I would not say that this is not quite true, that is the wrong way to look at it. The real question here is that how long would you be willing to wait for Google?

Google could eventually realize that your page is on that subject, but it would take forever. Web sites are optimized to make Google work easier and get to the top positions in the shortest possible time.

That being the case, I might add that it’s not just about time, but control over your project on the Internet .


  1. All Linking Strategies Are Bad And Penalized

This is totally false. Yes, if you artificially link your Web page and also notice too much backlinks that are not natural, Google will launch an alert. But if the link is organic, gradual and varied, this should not raise any suspicion from Google .

The error here is that many people, including SEO professionals, get carried away by greed. They know they have tools that send hundreds of links in a single day, and put them to work at full speed. In the process, Google asks “How does this page that does not receive visitors get so many links (and of such poor quality)?”

That is how some websites get penalized.

        5. As Long As The Content Is King, Nothing Else Matters

They have made us believe that content is everything on the Internet, and that is why we are obsessed with the key words, the density and the length of the texts. Yes, the content is important, but it only adds up if the other aspects that contribute to the positioning are in tune.

That is, if the loading speed is correct, if the link is according to the site and if the site is popular, then the content becomes relevant. And those are just a few factors to give you an example. You know that the Google algorithm takes into account a lot of factors.

Content alone does not position .

These are just a small number of the myths people have been told. SEO is real and necessary to be indexed on the first page of search engines. You cannot sit idly while the rest of the websites that represent your competition are becoming more visible to your target market.

Do SEO, do it responsibly, enjoy the benefits.

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