3 Monetization Errors That Can Affect The SEO Of Your Web Page

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Selling products and services through the Web carries a complex job that includes advertising, positioning and recognition of the brand. Team Boston SEO Consulting understands that making money is a common goal among all of us who have a web page, what differentiates us is the path we take to monetize it.

We should not underestimate the ways to make money on the Internet, because although selling products and services might seem easier and more direct, it takes a complex job that includes advertising, positioning and brand recognition.

For its part, monetization based on advertising requires the generation of a large traffic to the site, reputation and loyalty, which in the end becomes a job as complex as that done in an ecommerce.

Obviously, the generation of money with the sale of products can be more solid and secure, but many websites generate large revenues from advertising. This is where the errors start to roll in:

  1. Use Of Pop-Ups That Affect The User Experience

A lot has been said about the negative effect of pop-up ads on the user experience and even then it is used. We must clarify that not all pop-ups affect SEO, but generally, if those pop-up are advertising, they are considered negative at the level of search engines, affecting the positioning.

Preferably, advertising embeds it in the content text, as it is the least intrusive way to display it.

As I was saying, the use of pop-up is not frowned upon in any case such as:

Notices of use of cookies and terms of use of the page

Registration notices or login to the site

Age verification notices on websites with sensitive content

Why this type of ads is not frowned upon? Because many times that information is needed for the proper functioning of the page (mostly as a legal requirement). In all cases, if the notice can be easily ignored or closed, it does not affect the SEO of the page as much, but it is always better to avoid its use.

  1. Advertising Of Little Value For The User

One of the biggest problems with advertising systems, such as Google AdSense, or even with the decisions of web page administrators, is that advertising spaces are rented that are filled with any type of advertisement.

Although, the automated systems try to fill the space of publicity with something of value for the user, often it depends on the availability of announcements, or on the configuration of the campaigns on the part of those who buy the publicity.

How does low-value advertising affect? At first glance, it seems like it only affects the user experience, but think about this.

A user who finds advertising of little value is a user who will leave the page with greater speed. If we review the parameters taken into account by the search engine, we find that the bounce rate and the time of permanence are fundamental criteria to better or worse position a Web page in the Internet search engine.

This is how low value advertising affects SEO. In this case, it is a matter of avoiding renting advertising space to companies that have nothing to do with the theme of your site; With respect to automated advertising systems, there is not much that can be done, although it is true that cookies greatly help to ensure that advertising has a certain value for the user.

  1. Segmentation Of Content On Several Pages

If you are implementing this content strategy on your website, I ask you to stop immediately. I understand that taking the same user from one page to another gives you many opportunities to show more publicity, but most of us find it very frustrating to have to go to the next page to finish reading the information.

The effect on SEO is based on the same premises as the previous point. The bounce rate usually increases a lot because users simply leave the site when they find out that they should go from one page to another.

In fact, there are sites that can take a user for more than 10 pages to finish reading the same content. Instead of applying that strategy, create quality content and read on a single page.

Find The Balance Between Making Money And SEO

You still need to make money, we all need the same, and that is why SEO is often affected, whether we want it or not. You must find a balance between the profit of money and the positioning of the content of your site before the search engines.

There are always ways that the money gain coexists with the optimization of the Web page. If you focus the effort on quality, you will surely find a point where monetization is effective and successful.

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