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What is email marketing?

If you have an email address, you have already seen a lot of examples of email marketing. A clothing store that is presenting the new seasons, a car dealership telling you about special financing, a local restaurant informing about the new options on the menu.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that allows anyone to send messages directly to a predetermined list of users. These messages can be of any form, from simple and plain text to contents with formats and graphics (similar to normal websites). E-mail marketing messages are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox, just like a normal email.

Email marketing differs from other types of online marketing, as it is inexpensive, easy to send, highly measurable, and goes directly into the inbox of an objective. It is a tool that you should use, if not longer, to do digital marketing.

Now, let’s look at what makes Email Marketing so useful:



1. Low Cost

Marketing costs based on email can be as low as $ 0.02 per email. This compares favorably with other digital marketing methods, such as pay-per-click advertising or cost-per-print advertising. Compared to the cost of traditional mail marketing, the savings is even greater (think of all the costs of printing and shipping).


2. Measurable Results

The use of innovative tracking systems in email marketing lets you know exactly how many people receive the message, how many opened it and how many actually clicked on the links and calls to action found in the message. With this valuable information, you can make adjustments and improvements to subsequent emails.


3. Precise Targeting

We can send emails exactly where we want them to go. You can easily create segmented lists and specific messages for different groups of subscribers. You can also collect email addresses from a variety of sources, including your existing customer database. The addition of a subscription form on your website is a great way to build a list of users who are interested in hearing what you have to say or offer.


4. Interactive

Email bulletins do not limit you to simple, static content. You can include videos, music, surveys and much more. These tools provide multiple ways to involve your customers.


5. The Power Of “Calls To Action”

Clicking on a link or button is very easy, which means that recipients must make very little effort to continue through a call to action. Compare this with postal mails where people must dial a phone number or write a web address in their browser.


6. Highly Customized

You can use your database to connect emotionally with your recipients, for example by addressing your subscribers by name. They will feel that they are not receiving a massive and generic email, but that you speak directly to them.


7. At Any Time And Place

Recipients can read your message at the moment they have it available and on the device of their choice, either from their traditional email client, a smartphone or tablet. This freedom increases opening rates and participation rates.


8. Immediate Response

Most recipients will read your message in a matter of minutes or hours. You can know the success of your campaign the same day of sending it instead of weeks.


9. Simple

There is no need to coordinate design, printing and delivery as it is with postal mail. And unlike other forms of digital marketing, Email Marketing does not have inaccurate objectives and results, and it is as simple as selecting a specific list of recipients, writing the message (correctly) and pressing send.


10. Easy to Start

Starting to assemble your mailing list is relatively simple. It is likely that you even have a huge database of emails. Think of all the contacts you have in your current email account, calendar, smartphone or other devices. And surely you have at least a handful of news, special offers or other pieces of information that you would like to share with your contacts.


Your website can be put to great use when you include an option to collect the emails of your visitors. This is not something to be taken lightly. As they say in the world of marketing, the money is in the list.

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